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Success Formula in 2022

Success Formula

“If you want me to do more, pay me more. Pay me more and I will do a better job.”

This is the battle cry of mediocrity.

A common problem today is that employees want to be paid more to perform better; they have this backwards. By requesting more money to do a better job, they are admitting that they are not doing the job as well as they could or should be doing it right now.To defeat mediocrity,such an attitude needs to be changed.

Take a few minutes and think about this.

If you have this attitude, what you are saying is that you can do a much better job but only if you are paid more. You are admitting that you are deliberately operating at a level that is below your capabilities; perhaps this is why you are not paid more.

Unless you are a professional athlete, you are paid based on what you do and what you contribute, not on what you could do or might do. If you want to earn more, you must increase your value to the company. You must help the company earn more. Look out for the company’s interests if you want them to look out for yours.

To earn more you must first prove you are worth more.

You don’t get paid what you need. You don’t get paid what you want -you shouldn’t. You get paid based on your value to your employer. The way it should be.

Start giving more and you will start getting more, inboth your career and in life.

If you want your company to help you obtain your career and income goals, you have got to help them accomplish theirs. If you want commitment from the company, you must be committed to the company.

A very simple formula.

Help them get what they are striving for and they will help you get what you are striving for. The basic formula for career success. It is also the basic formula for success in life as this also holds true with your family, employees, co-workers, and superiors. If you want commitment, loyalty and respect from them, you must give it to them. There is no magic here. Help others get or accomplish what they want and they will help you get what you want.

You cannot expect to get what you want by first demanding and then performing. Perform first and then expect. When you can prove you are worth more, then you will not only earn more but receive additional responsibilities and greater opportunities. This is how promotions are earned.

Let me also point out that if you want to earn more,the majority of the time you must first learn more. Many jobs have a preset value to the company; no matter how well done, some jobs can only command a specific level of pay. Yes, there will be a range within the pay scale of most jobs and yes, you can often earn more by doing a better job. However, in order to earn above the top of the scale for that job, you will need to increase your knowledge and capabilities.

To advance to a higher level of earnings you must often move up to a higher level of responsibility. This will typically mean you need to learn more and it is entirely up to you to find out what qualifications are needed to move up to the next level of responsibility. It is up to you to undertake the needed training and education to qualify yourself. It is up to you to gain the qualifications you need to move to a higher level of responsibility and earnings.

Never forget that the ability, effort, and capability must come before the opportunity and earnings.

Too many employees, and I consider everyone other than the owners an employee (including management) have developed the mind-set that the company owes them something. They are right of course;the company owes you a paycheck for the agreed upon wage. This is the wage that you have agreed to work for.

Of course, the company also has an obligation to provide a safe workplace as well as provide you with the resources you need to do your job in a manner that allows you to meet or exceed their expectations. But you also have an obligation. An obligation to your employer to do the very best job you possibly can.

Day in and day out this obligation exists.

Is this not what you promised to do when you accepted the job?Was this not your intention when you accepted the job? Is the company not paying you for your best effort?

I can assure you, they expect nothing less. They deserve nothing less.Every week that you cash a paycheck from your employer you have this obligation. Is this not a form of a contract? In exchange for your best effort every day the company is agreeing to pay you a preset wage. Few things in life could be simpler than this.

You expect to be paid and they expect you to be at the job and to do it in a manner that meets or exceeds their needs and expectations. Notice I said your best effort. They do not decrease or increase your wage each week based on how well you do the job each week. They pay you for your best effort each week.What could possibly be simpler than this?

Never forget that as long as you accept a paycheck from your employer, you have an obligation to them.

An obligation to do the best job you can.

An obligation to look out for the company’s interests.

You also have an obligation to yourself. An obligation to do the very best job you can. To do otherwise would undermine your self-esteem and both your personal and professional growth. To do otherwise would be to tell yourself that performing below your capabilities is acceptable.To do otherwise is to reject the pursuit of individual excellence and embrace mediocrity.

To do otherwise makes you common.

You know what? It will also be the best thing you can do in life and for your career.

The individual in pursuit of excellence understands this. Those with the mind-set of mediocrity do not; by not understanding this, they hold themselves back while blaming others for their lack of progress or advancement.

Choose to be uncommon. Think of the alternative.

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