Personal Branding – Thinking of how to start your own brand?

Anything can be a brand: whether an individual or a company or a product. Thinking of how to start your own brand? These questions might help you more. Who are you? What makes you unique? What is your goal with personal branding? What are your career goals? Who is your target audience? Whose problem can […]

Personal Branding in the year 2023 : Need of the Hour

If the title caught your eye, we are pretty sure you have been curious about it or are trying real hard to kill some lockdowntime. Either ways, you win! And no we aren’t mincing words to judge your personality, the title speaks for itself. If you have managed to build a persona out of yourself or your company, congrats! […]

Recommended SEO Tools for Beginners

If you are brand new to the world of SEO, this is a must-read article for you! SEO- Search Engine Optimization is one of the most popular methods in digital marketing for increasing website traffic and building brand awareness. SEO is the first step toward generating organic traffic. 61% of marketers say improving SEO and growing their […]

Data-Driven Creativity- The Tomorrow of Branding

Imagine yourself scrolling through your social media “digi-shopping” for the heck of it. After a few minutes, ads pertaining to the product follow you as though you have unearthed an undead spirit! We are pretty sure by now that you are familiar with how Google and its buddies track down your search data to customise […]

To Spend Or Not To Spend

If you are relatively new to the field of digital marketing, you would have probably come across dozens of people who say they can fetch you an” organic following without spending much in a jiffy”. Some of you might have probably even believed it and gone forward with them only to later realize that most of […]

Why data recovery is expensive

  Data recovery includes recovering data from media that may not run correctly. Data recovery is a highly specialized field that can meet most of the problems of data loss. Data loss can occur in strange and mysterious, and each incident of data loss may differ from each other. Because of these changes, the price […]

Big Data in Cloud in 2023

  Greater engagement of players is the key to increasing revenue and staying ahead of the competitors for every gaming company. Every click and player interaction with the game creates valuable data which is thoroughly analyzed by the gaming companies to ensure that players are continuously engaged and keep coming back for more. As the […]

Best data recovery software

  Keep You Cool Even When Files Are Deleted! Gruesome situations demand a sang-froid approach, sang-froid as in, a cool and wise approach to the problem. Data loss after unexpected deletion can be one these gruesome situations, wherein, you need to keep your cool, else you might end up worsening the situation further by quickly […]

Benefits of data recovery

When you’re a company that revolves heavily around IT, you probably keep hoping that nothing goes wrong with your system. All the important data stored in your drives could vanish if anything ever happened to your system. For all we know, your entire system could get fried in case of a sudden power surge, although […]