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To Spend Or Not To Spend

If you are relatively new to the field of digital marketing, you would have probably come across dozens of people who say they can fetch you an” organic following without spending much in a jiffy”. Some of you might have probably even believed it and gone forward with them only to later realize that most of your followers are not even your target audience. If frustration is hitting you hard while choosing between organic and paid promotion, we welcome you to the bandwagon of thousands of other business owners feeling the same way.

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The ultimate question every business owner finds themselves bickering over is whether to use paid marketing or not. The answer is quite simple actually. Your decision to market on social media platforms is spot on since more than 51% of the online audience admit to making their buying decisions over online ads they come across. In the case of your target market, you are spot on. The very next step is to figure out your target audience. Sure your hashtags and shoutouts from well-wishers online can get you certain limited visibility. But have you ever calculated the conversion rate of organic promotions?

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    We suggest a combination of both organic and paid promotions. Organic promotions help you perfect your brand in front of a relatively known audience. While inorganic promotion helps project your perfected brand to a larger radius of audience. But how do you make sure you reach the right set of customers? This is where Data Analytics plays a key role. 77% of senior managers swear by data analytics-backed marketing for best results.

Sadly, most paid promotions fail because of uninformed targetting. Any ad campaign run on a proper data-driven strategy is sure to give a 25% hike in leads than organic targetting.

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In conclusion, the best way to grow in the market is to use a combination of organic and paid promotions backed by strong access to market data. Your success in the market depends heavily on your marketing team and strategyIf you have a thorough knowledge of how to align the marketing channels using data, the digital marketing game becomes child’s play!

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